At the time of this photo this cat was not dead. His name is Lugnuts and he

disappeared during the fire at the Pueblo which was encroaching on our neighborhood.

Our suspicion is that a raptor got him having been dislodged from its home by the fire.

We are cat people. We do like dogs and have had extremely wonderful dogs, from Basset Hounds, to mutts to dogs that wandered up the driveway and adopted us "'til death did us part". But, remember: dogs have owners, cats have slaves. Cats are mostly and primarily still wild and can survive without us. They are independent.

We (it's either the royal We or the editorial we - take your pick) live in Taos, New Mexico and have lived here for more than 30 years. My two children were born here and my grandchildren were also born here.

One of the primary reasons that we started this enterprise was so that there is a Planet for my grandchildren to live on - a planet that is free from wars and pestilence and killing and murdering and raping and pillaging, where all peoples are color blind and we all get along and thrive. There is enough for all of us in abundance.

This enterprise is ten years in the making - at least the on-line version. This is a process that includes learnings and teachings of a generation. My awareness began in the '60's - and yes, people still label me a hippie, and yes, the values and teachings of the hippies are still needed to be practiced today - even more so now than in the '60's. One would have hoped that we would have learned from our history, but the peoples making decisions that send armies clashing against each other haven't learned yet. Suicide bombers haven't learned. When will we ever learn?

In our small way we contribute to solutions. We have a garden and we grow and consume sprouts and wheat grass. We shop for the organic produce and goodies. We ride our bicycle when we can. One of the virtues of living in a small town is that bicycling is easy. But then, when I lived in Denver, bicycling was also easy. Most of the people riding in Taos are the over '40's. The kids just have no idea what joy and freedom there is in riding.

What solutions can we offer? The solutions start at home, start in our hearts and with each other. Buy organic, watch less television, create music and art. Hang with friends. Take walks. Take a bicycle ride. Talk with a teen-ager!

And when the day is done, do you go to bed with a peaceful and fulfilled heart? Is your mind relaxed and did you create some beauty in the Universe? That's all. It's simple.

Our Inspirations

We plan ahead which is why we don't have to do anything now.


Ms. Kitty

Phredd and Angeline