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Bad Ads or Good Ads?

It is a lot easier to count the good ones. Just using one hand for a day!

Go ahead and count...we'll wait. Don't forget to count magazine ads, banner ads, radio ads, faxed ads, junk mail, telemarketing calls, TV commercials, ads before movies, product placements, billboards, and spam, spam, spam, spam, spam...

Surprised at the number you came up with? Don't be. Advertising has become so common that it's now the background noise to our lives. But in their effort to get us to buy their products and services, advertisers are becoming more and more intrusive. The result: Our entire life experience is being shaped by companies looking to part us from our cash. Advertisers are taking advantage of every space, every moment in our lives to ask for our money­even while we get married or give birth. (No joke. You'll find information about these things on this site.)

You can complain to your friends about having to watch commercials after you've shelled out eight bucks for a movie ticket or having to stare at a Calvin Klein ad while doing your thing at the urinal. But the only way to stop these things is by taking a few minutes to give advertisers a piece of your mind.

This site makes it easy. Click on a form of intrusive advertising that really bugs you, and you'll see an article about it. The "Slam Bad Ads!" sidebar lists easy steps you can take and supplies all the information you'll need­like links to the advertisers' online feedback forms and contact information for the Better Business Bureau and your local media. We even have instructions on how to write a complaint letter. How much easier could it be? (Heck, we'd come over there and put the pen in your hand for you, but we have jobs.) Just remember that the small effort you make on this site today will go a long way towards the day when you can move three feet without being bombarded with ads.

Reprinted with permission from Bad Ads