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Bioneers in Taos

Sustain Taos

The mission of Sustain Taos mission "is to build a coalition of groups and individuals within Taos County to create a sustainable quality of life by offering educational programs and practical solutions."

"We encourage sustainable living, which we broadly define as creating a rich and rewarding quality of life as a result of recognizing our interdependence, living in harmony with nature, preserving natural resources for future generations, and strengthening the community through the support of local entrepreneurs and farmers."

All Sustain Taos members and friends are encouraged to participate in this very exciting collaborative experience.

WHO: Are you a leader in green innovations or a grassroots activist?
WHAT: Lead a workshop or forum on a sustainability theme! Engage audiences in new ways to be grassroots participants in the green revolution.
HOW: Submit a proposal to Sustain Taos for the New Mexico Bioneers.
You can submit a simple proposal via email or fax. Call Sharon at 758-2103 for more information.


The Collective Heritage Institute, aka Bioneers, was founded in 1990, when Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons assembled Bioneers for the first annual Bioneers conference, a gathering of scientific and social innovators who have demonstrated visionary and practical models for restoring the Earth and communities.

Bioneers was conceived to conduct programs in the conservation of biological and cultural diversity, traditional farming practices, and environmental restoration.Our vision of environment encompasses the natural landscape, cultivated landscape, biodiversity, cultural diversity, watersheds, community economics, and spirituality. Bioneers seeks to unite nature, culture and spirit in an Earth-honoring vision, and create economic models founded in social justice.

Bioneers represent a culture of solutions. Their stories demonstrate that just as people have created the environmental and social problem we face, people can solve them - through a reciprocal partnership with nature. Over and over, they show how great a difference the actions of one individual can make.