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  • Counseling in New Mexico Resources
    Our mission is to provide information and resources to empower individuals to help their teens and heal their families. Through education, self-awareness, self-help, and personal responsibility, families can rebuild their relationships and reconnect in positive and loving ways.

  • Men's Resource Center of Taos
    At the MRC, we believe that men are naturally loving, caring, and sensitive. Our work is to support men in being healthy partners, fathers, role models, and community members. When someone isnšt acting in this caring manner, we gently confront their behavior. We've found that this simple approach works. More and more, the MRC is the first place men in northern New Mexico and beyond are reaching out to for help. We serve over 75 people a month in our five programs - including programs for men who want to heal abusive behavior, our Young Father's Project, and our Drop-in Men's Support Group.

  • DreamTree Project
    The DreamTree Project uses a holistic approach to combating homelessness among young people. We encourage each young person entering the program to identify their needs and strengths, and to set and work towards personal goals. Each participant's values, individuality, and dreams for their future will be essential to creating a program fitted to their needs.

  • New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    The New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence is dedicated to freedom from violence for all individuals. The Coalition is an authority on relationship violence and provides support and resources for member programs.

  • New Mexico Teen Pregnancy Coalition
    NMTPC is the statewide organization committed to the reduction of teen pregnancy and the negative consequences of teen pregnancy and parenting in New Mexico. Look throughout or website for pictures of the art and video contest winning entries.

  • Whole Person Counseling
    Some more specific areas of counseling include: (1) depression, (2) addictive and compulsive behaviors, (3) attention deficits disorders, (3) fears, anxieties and phobias, (4) personality disorders, (5) moral failures, (6) abuse cases, (7) generational curses, (8) spiritual bondages, (9) social conflicts, (10) various physical ailments, (11) emotional hurts, (12) financial failures.

  • Concerned Counseling

  • One in five Americans has some form of mental illness in any given six months. That means between 30 million and 45 million people, possibly your friends, family members and co-workers, suffer from symptoms that cause distress in their lives, but that can be effectively treated. You are not alone. We have many people and resources on the Concerned Counseling website that can help you.

  • Couple Counseling

  • This site is dedicated to helping couples improve their relationships through online counseling and coaching.

  • Counseling on Shyness

  • Counseling, personal coaching, and consultation for Shyness
    Counseling, personal coaching, and consultation for Relationship Issues
    Counseling and psychotherapy for Codependence
    Counseling and psychotherapy for Depression and Anxiety
    Therapy Groups for Relationship Issues

  • Relationship Growth

  • Techniques and best selling books to improve your romantic relationship. Includes a relationship assessment quiz, relationship improvement worksheets, and recommends books by best selling authors on relationships, romance, sexuality and fitness. Links are provided to sites that can send free electronic gifts to your partner.

  • Teen Help!

  • Teen Help assists in locating appropriate resources for the treatment of troubled adolescents dealing with drug and alcohol abuse, delinquency, rebellion, or emotional problems.

  • Parent Advice and Counseling

  • A strong parent and family community featuring expert parenting advice, chat, and discussion for all parents, grandparents, babies and children.

  • Families of Children with Special Needs

  • This web site is for families of children with special needs to keep them informed of their rights in the areas of education, health care, and many other topics of concern. The Federation also has several national parent leadership projects in the areas of Early Intervention and School Reform.