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Becoming Independent

Actually, we need to become interdependent on the local level. Stay on the grid for electricity, only we should all be producing our own and feeding it back into the grid. Every building in Taos should have solar energy producing panels. Tis means we become interdependent but with no centralized electricity producer and we free ourselves of the need to purchase from nuclear power plants or as much from coal. By generating our own and sharing the chances of losing all power is diminished and we have a much safer and less vulnerable system of electricity.

Note for Luis Reyes:

There is now a voluntary extra charge to purchase wind generated power. A good idea. But we should have the option or paying extra for nuclear power and the wind generated power should be the norm and replace the need for nukes. The actual creation of electricity is cleaner than coal, but damn, folks, where are we going to bury and dispose of waste that lasts 250,000 + years and is totally toxic to ALL life?

Nuclear power is NOT cheap, either. For those of us who remember the days of the first promotions of nuclear power, we were told that it would be too cheap to meter. Free electricty! Well, that is certainly a lie. How much lying can we tolerate!

There are companies working to create better solutions. Here are a few:

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