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Photo Galleries

We will be continuing to add photo galleries to this section, so keep on checking. Many of these were taken on our property - beauty is all around us here.


  • January Snow Bowls

  • Rocky Mountain Spring


  • Soltice Snows

  • December Storm

  • November End

  • November Snows

  • Thanksgiving Flowers

  • Summer Blossoms

  • Spring Blossoms

  • Spring Flowers

  • Acequia

  • Dawn Clouds

  • Solstice Dawn

  • Fathers Day

  • Summer Days

  • Pimp This Ride

    My neighbor at the end of the drive is planning a rebuild of this fine truck. He has contracted with me to do the woodworking of the bed and the interior. Something intriguing and fun! These are obviously the "before" images.


  • Garden in Spring

  • Garden in August

  • August Dawn

  • Garden Works

  • Garden Beauty

  • Santa Barbara Snow

  • October Sunsets

  • October Delights

  • Balloons UP

  • End of Year Snows

  • Christmas Sunrise

  • December Snows

  • Cold Mountain

  • Dawn Lenticulars

  • Taos Mountain Morning

  • January Snows

  • Sangre de Christos

  • Mud Season