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Teachers for Peace

The mission of Teachers For Peace is to provide information about peace actions, philosophy and tactics for teachers, students and school staffs who work for peace in their schools.

All children must not be trained to kill. Instead our children should be learning and practicing Love for all beings and sustainability of life. We all should be singing and dancing.

Peace Actions and Resources

Military Free Schools
To inform and educate the public, especially students, parents and school personnel about the growing militarization of our schools, and to create and present positive nonviolent alternatives which promote the value of human life, justice and equity for all persons.

High School Students - The law gives Military Recruiters access to your information (names. addresses and telephone numbers) UNLESS YOU OPT-OUT!

What is Opt Out? It is your legal right to notify your school that you DO NOT want the military to receive your personal info.

American Friends Service Committee's Youth & Militarism Campaign


Teaching Peace in the Classroom
"We challenge the culture of violence when we ourselves act in the certainty that violence is no longer acceptable, that it's tired and outdated no matter how many cling to it in the stubborn belief that it still works and that it's still valid."
Gerard Vanderhaar

Bring Them Home Now!

Center on Conscience & War

Central Committee for Conscientious Objectiors

Citizen Soldier

Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft

G.I. Rights Hotline

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Military Families Speak Out

Military-Free Zone

National Organization Opposing the Militarization of Youth

No Draft, No Way

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Youth Outreach Initiative


Peace Roots Alliance Conscientious Objector Registry

Project YANO: Youth and Non-Military Opportunities

ROOTS: Revolution Out of Truth & Struggle

United for Peace & Justice Coalition - Counter-Recruitment Campaign

Veterans for Peace

War Resisters League

UN Declaration of Human Rights

p e a c e

Give Peace a Chance]
Give Peace a Chance