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Civil War?

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Mark Twain's War Prayer

Masters of War

"We are a culture of life."

GW Bush on the vetoing of Stem Cell Research Bill.

  • Geneva Conventions

    In Iraq, an oxymoron is about to be declared: a civil war. Some examples of a civil war:

    "At least 57 Iraqis were killed Tuesday and scores more injured when a suicide bomber lured a group of day laborers to his minivan with the promise of work before setting off explosives.

    The bombing in Kufa rained blood, burnt debris and charred body parts on a small market across the street from the Muslim bin Aqil mosque, the main platform for radical Shiite cleric and militia leader Muqtada Sadr."

    "It's bloodshed and killing of the innocents, killing the elderly and women and children. It's mass killings. It's nothing less than an undeclared civil war."

    Many members of Iraq's political class spoke gravely of the massacres and bombings of the last few days, even as two U.S. Cabinet officials visiting Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone this week touted Iraq as a potential bonanza for private investors."

    quoted from: LA Times or: Truthout

    That's right! War is great for business - a bonanza, no less. Gather 'round you Capitalists, invest not only your own morals, you immortal souls, and your own children, but invest the lives of Iraq's women and children and elderly and infirm as well.

    Do not hold back. Fortunes are to be made in Iraq, and soon in Israel and Lebanon as well, as more and more innocents are slaughtered in cafes and shopping areas, hospitals, schools, homes. No place is safe from the insane and the psychopaths and the meglomaniacs.

    Will anyone, someone, please stop bush and the cabal?

    The cabal includes the Israelis, Saudis and the American Jews who also run the world's economy through the World Bank and the Federal Reserve Banking System which is a privately owned corporation registered in Delaware.

    The bombs bursting in air and on the ground and on anyone unlucky enough to be within the range to be classified as collateral damage, have been bombed by missiles and weapons Made in America, and Made in China, and Made in Israel. Invest and invest quickly. The Capitalists most popular war refrain: "I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Dead burnt babies for breakfast - just to keep the Capitalists and war mongers focused and driven to win."

    How many died today for our cheap gas and expensive lifestyle?

    As long as our child soldiers and the women and children and elderly of Iraq continueto suffer and die for our oil addiction we might as well have the curtesy to use as much as we can so fill up your SUV's and never turn them off.

    Never mind that this area is the birthplace of civilization, and Persia and since then Iraq had one of the highest standards of living in the history of the world - the best medical care, free education for all citizens through college and more.

    And please spare me the crap and bullshit about needing to stop Saddam and the killing of his enemies - a genocide that we needed to stop. That is a load of crap larger than bush's f*ckin' playground in Texas. If they (the cabal) think we believe that is why they attacked Iraq, then why are we leaving Darfur to die?

    Oh, sorry - no f*cking oil or natural resources we can pillage. And they are black and therefore invisible. And we are not calling for a cease fire in the newest war, er, civil action until "conditions are conducive to do so." (Condi Rice) Probably when all the dirty Arabs in that region are dead.

    Score to date:

    Israeli's: 230
    Lebanese: 10

    That's the tally killed by each faction so far. (outdated by now).