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Why Organic?

1. Organic food tastes better.

The very first and best answer to the question: "Why Eat Organic?" is simple: food grown without poisonous chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides, and that are not genetically modified to satisfy a corporation's bottom line TASTE BETTER!

Monsanto would have us believe that their strains of genetically modified seed are better for agri-business and therefore the consumer: you. If you believe that farmers are better off having to buy Monsanto's seed every year rather than being able to store their own seed is a better management of the food business, then, by all means, eat their genetically modified corn.

  • The Meatrix

    The Meatrix is a product of the first-ever Free Range Flash Activism Grant. In February 2003, Free Range Graphics, a cutting-edge design company, invited hundreds of non-profit organizations to apply for a grant that included production of a free Flash movie. After carefully reviewing more than 50 applications, the grant was awarded to GRACEšs Sustainable Table program.

    Sustainable Table works to educate consumers about the problems with factory farming and to promote sustainable food.  The Meatrix was originally produced as a way to promote the Eat Well Guide Note on Meat, Sustainable Tablešs online directory of sustainable farms, stores and restaurants in the US and Canada that sell meat, poultry, dairy and eggs from small, sustainable family farmers.  But only days after release, it became evident that The Meatrix was also an excellent educational tool about factory farming.  The film broke all records for online advocacy and was seen by millions of people in the first few months alone. 

    2. Organics are better for you and your body.

    If you have ever been shopping in a chain grocery store you may have noted that the outide perimeter of the store is where the essentials are: produce, dairy, cheeses and meats. The entire central section of the store is dedicated to primarily sugar: aisles of sodas and soft drinks, cookies and expensive cereals, ice creams and frozen desserts, as well as the non-foods departments.

    Billions have been spent over the past decades understanding the habits of the consumer and ways to pry our hard earned money out of our hands for stuff and junk we do not need. Here is a sample:

    "Successful businesses know that the customer is central to all their business functions.  In our experience economy, consumers actually define our business, our products and our brands. 

    Consumer behavior studies are anthropological studies involving field work in the commercial arena.  Researchers can go onsite, evaluate cues, observable behavior toward product packaging and displays, assess the "feel" of the store (atmospherics), as well as research the psychographics involved in the purchasing decision.

    Consumer behavior observational studies evaluate cues, observable behavior toward product packaging, placement and displays.  Observationals also analyze and identify a store's atmospherics and the psychographics involved in the purchasing decision. 

    Understanding why your customers shop where they do, and buy what they buy can help you to optimize your success when you go to market.  Consumer behavior is, in a sense, anthropology for business.

    Quoted from Cultural Marketing

    How are organics better?

    Here are Ten reasons from Abbey's recipes

    You ingest fewer chemicals; pesticides and herbicides, when you make the switch to organics. Think about that cup of coffee you drank this morning or even hold to your lips as you read this:

    Does it have a chemical after taste?

    If so, then it is a non-organic coffee. Picture this: the pickers are in the fields while they are being sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Not a pretty sight. Then, after the beans have been picked and shipped they are sprayed in the holding warehouse with more pesticides - to kill off the cockroaches. Not so with the organics.

    Drink a better brand.

    (to be continued)