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Drugs and their Definitions



The Law and Legal Ramifications

Cocaine - Where the Party Ends

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Culture, Drugs and Consciousness

Culture, Drugs and Consciousness is a collection of sites, philosophies and theories about how drugs - substances which alter a person's physical, mental and spiritual consciousness - affect individuals, families and groups, and our culture.

The section is divided into four main categories:

  • Drugs
    The history and descriptions, including chemical models;

  • Culture
    How our culture is defined by drugs;

  • Consciousness
    Explanations and stories about how drugs affect our consciousness and culture;

  • Laws and legal ramifications
    Various positions regarding the legal and social effects of our current national drug policy (also included).

    The article "Cocaine - Where the Party Ends" was written by Nathaniel Evans, a graduate of Chamisa Mesa High and Antioch College, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Biology.

  • Street Drugs
    This site is one of the most comprehensive sites on Street Drugs that I have been able to find. It lists the street drugs names, pictures of the various drugs, the legal consequences for possession,(the Controlled Substance Act) warning signs to look for in bahavior changes, and how we can change our behaviors.

  • Glossary From "From Chocolate to Morphine"