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The News: From the town criers in the town square to the sophisticated news papers of today, we are always hungry for the news of our communities and of the world at large. But who chooses to tell us these stories? The freedom of the Press (guaranteed by the First Amendment) is determined by those who own the press.

A small sampling of newspapers is included here with links to finding all the newspapers that are on-line in the world.

Our two local newspapers:

  • The Horse Fly

  • The Taos News

  • The Media spends millions of dollars indoctrinating us to the life that they wish us to buy and to form our opinions about the world of the news that is about us as civilization on this our Planet Earth (Gaia).

  • Newspapers and Stories of the US
    At the news of the country with links to the newspapers of the world.

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    Internet News Sources

  • Z Net Magazine
  • A community of People Concerned About Social Change. Includes a large amount of information about and by Noam Chomsky.
  • The Freedom Forum

  • The Freedom Forum is a nonpartisan, international foundation dedicated to free press, free speech and free spirit for all people. The foundation pursues its priorities through conferences, educational activities, publishing, broadcasting, online services, fellowships, partnerships, training, research and other programs.
  • Narco News
    Reporting on the Drug War and Democracy in Latin America

    World Wide News

  • News Links to the World's Newspapers

  • This site has 4100+ News Links. You can search by country for on-line newspapers through out the world.
  • World Media

  • Newspapers of the World

  • World Association of Newspapers

  • Newspapers of the World by Country

  • Newswatch - A Different Approach to the News

  • NewsWatch is a division of the Center for Media and Public Affairs, a non-partisan, non-profit research organization.

    African and Asian Newspapers

  • Angola Peace Monitor

  • World of News from South Africa

  • Cairo Press Review

  • China

  • American Newspapers

  • World Net Daily

  • A Free Press for a Free People
  • The Comics You Miss

  • US Newspapers

  • Newspapers Listed by Topic at
  • The Albuquerque Journal

  • Albuquerque Tribune

  • The Boston Globe

  • The Cherokee Observer

  • The Denver Post

  • The Los Angeles Times

  • The New York Times

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer

  • The Santa Fe New Mexican

  • The San Francisco Chronicle

  • San Francisco Examiner

  • San Jose Mercury News

  • St. Louis Dispatch

  • The Washington Post

  • The Weekly Alibi

  • The Nation

  • The British Isles

  • The London Mirror

  • Irish Times

  • Manchester Guardian

  • Middle East News

  • Arab News

  • Bahrain Tribune/Al Ayam

  • Beirut Times

  • Gulf News/Gulf Times

  • The Iranian

  • Israeli and Global News

  • Jerusalem Post

  • Jerusalem Times

  • Jordan Star

  • Jordan Times

  • Khaleej Times


  • Middle East Times

  • Palestine Times

  • Turkish Daily News