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Teen Issues and Support

  • Taos Area Health

  • Kid's Lib Now!

  • Kids Information Please

  • The Kid's Almanac of Information about the world, countries, geography, current movies, and much, much more!

  • Youth Free Expression Network
    The Youth Free Expression Network is a national coalition of teens and adults committed to defending the free expression rights of youth. Faced with Internet filters, "abstinence-only" sex education, and other restrictions on young people's access to ideas, YFEN's goal is to empower youth to advocate on their own behalf. In the process, YFEN aims to educate the public that censorial measures enacted in the presumed interest of "protecting" youth not only prevent minors from learning, thinking, and exploring; they deprive them of critical information on subjects ranging from human rights and feminism to drugs and safer sex.

  • iearn

  • Youth Making A Difference in the World Through Telecommunications

  • UNICEF: Voices of Youth

  • This site, hosted by UNICEF, provides a forum for today's youth to discuss major issues facing our world today. An excellent site.
  • Counseling Youth Sites

  • This page has a list of sites for youth and parents to go to for help, advice, meet other parents and youth who are also in need of meeting other people with similar problems and concerns.

  • Unwanted Pregnancies

  • Pacific Center for Violence Prevention

  • Located at San Francisco General Hospital, the Pacific Center for Violence Prevention supports community-based violence prevention in California and works to reduce youth access to drugs, alcohol, and firearms. Despite the Center's focus on California, interested users from any state will find a large number of violence-prevention resources at the site. Sections for Drugs, Alcohol, and Firearms each contain facts sheets, policy briefs, statistics, and links to related publications and other resources. Additional offerings at the site include memos on and links to federal and state firearm legislation, news updates, and a listing of events and conferences. Portions of the site are also available in Spanish.

  • Virtual Town Hall

  • Where teen can voice their opinions about the state of their community with other teens around the country.